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moving - one heavy breath and we could fall

Jun. 13th, 2006

10:56 am - moving

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this is complicated.

after much discussion and stress me and graeme are getting a mortgage, actually, my parents are getting a mortgage on behalf of me and graeme. now because our lease ends at the beginning of august and it is unlikely that we'll get a mortgage by then, me and graeme are moving back to perth to live with my parents for a month. im quite glad of this. after much discussion with graeme i have decided to distance myself completely from someone, this has already started. a month seems a decent time without communication for this person to take the hint. graeme doesn't like him and i think its just wrong to speak to him anymore.

-messages for those i love and want to cuddle :p-

Valalaium - i will come and get the letters i promise! we will have to meet up and go for coffee, missed you so much

nowave - since you're moving to glenrothes, we probably wont see a lot of each other, but ill call and annoy you and drag you to cage and to our flat when we come back from perth

malix, dakkie, lelo, ro, lewis - i shall still have msn and will keep in touch x keep smiling and calling graeme gayram.. i think its funny even if he doesn't :p

this will be my last post for a while, will be posting on myspace and dA.


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